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Shrine of Remembrance

Project Overview

Our ongoing engagement at the Shrine of Remembrance has included several key projects. We have recently remediated the lower stair abutments walls to stabilise rotational movement. These works include repairs to the granite cladding and the concrete and brickwork superstructure.

We are currently investigating cleaning of Tynong granite cladding to reverse the rust staining prevalent over the face of the building. This project is in early stages of trials and is yielding some exciting results. This investigation is part of a strategic plan that outlines the future 10-year programme of conservation and repair works for the Shrine and its associated monuments.

Reconstruction of the cement blockwork light towers has restored them to their former glory. Originally constructed of a faux granite composite blockwork using early concrete technology; the light towers suffer from typical spalling associated with low coverage and corrosion of reinforcing. Constructed of individually formed and moulded concrete blocks, the light towers have been stripped back to their core structure to repair reinforcing and spalling concrete and reconstructed with new concrete blocks formed in moulds made from the original blockwork. Each block is bespoke using crushed granite as the main aggregate and surface treated to replicate the original faux granite blocks.

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