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Malvern Town Hall

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We were engaged by City of Stonnington to prepare an updated Conservation Management Plan for Malvern Town Hall. The Conservation Management Plan provides a framework for the ongoing care and management of the place, including guidance for decision making processes about its long-term conservation and adaptation.

Malvern Town Hall is included on the Victorian Heritage Register (VHR) as H2288 and remains under the management of the City of Stonnington following the 1992 reorganisation of local government in Victoria where the Cities of Malvern and Prahran were amalgamated to form the City of Stonnington. Malvern Town Hall consists of two multipurpose function spaces (the Main Hall and the Banquet Hall), the Council Chamber and municipal offices, and it hosts a multitude of public events.

The Malvern Town Hall was constructed to the design of architectural firm Wilson and Beswicke, opening in 1886. Malvern Town Hall was substantially modified in 1925-1927 to the design of Hudson and Wardrop.

The Conservation Management Plan (CMP) broadly follows the principles and processes set out in the Burra Charter: The Australia ICOMOS Charter for Places of Cultural Significance 2013 (the Burra Charter) and its Practice Notes. The Burra Charter establishes a standard of practice for those involved in assessing, managing, and undertaking works to places of cultural significance. The Conservation Management Plan also has regard for the recommendations of the 2010 Conservation Management Plans: Managing Heritage Places prepared by the Heritage Council of Victoria.

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