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What We Do

Architecture and Conservation

We focus on the preservation, conservation, and restoration of existing heritage fabric. We subscribe to the conservation of buildings to ensure that heritage values are retained, maintained, and enhanced, whilst recognising the need for contemporary use and required compliance upgrades.

We provide diagnostic and conditions assessment and recommendation services that directly inform conservation works scoping, documentation, and technical specification.

We provide holistic architectural services across an extensive range of projects that vary in scale and program.

Our technical knowledge of materials and traditional building techniques combined with contemporary technology when appropriate, allows us to deliver a diverse array of successful conservation and architectural projects.

On site Condition Assessment


Condition Assessment and Recommendations Reports


Feasibility Studies and Master Planning


Paint sample analysis


Conservation works scoping, documentation, and technical specification


Compliance upgrade works scoping, documentation, and technical specification


Full suite of Architectural services (design, documentation, tendering and construction delivery)


Heritage Advice & Strategic Planning

We have extensive experience with Local Municipalities and State Government authorities that are responsible for heritage planning and permit application processes.

We provide a range of services related to heritage appraisals and heritage planning approvals. We manage the submission of permit applications and permit exemption applications and can prepare associate documents such as Heritage Impact Statements (HIS), Heritage Infrastructure Management Plans (HIMP), and Heritage Asset Management Plans (HAMP).

We understand the complexity and sensitivity of heritage sites and assist clients in strategic planning associated with the ongoing management their sites through the preparation of Conservation Management Plans (CMP).

We support the conservation of, and the ongoing use or adaptive reuse of, existing buildings as a fundamentally sustainable approach to the regeneration of the built environment.

We seek to deliver through the heritage approvals process, a considered conservation outcome for heritage structures.

Heritage Appraisals


Heritage Approvals


Heritage Impact Statements (HIS)


Conservation Management Plans (CMP)


Heritage Infrastructure Management Plans (HIMP)


Heritage Asset Management Plans (HAMP)


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