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Queen Victoria Women’s Centre

Project Overview

We assisted Queen Victoria Women’s Centre with their application for a Living Heritage Grant from Heritage Victoria in 2020 – of which they were successful. The Living Heritage Grant facilitated much needed stormwater system upgrades to the Lonsdale Street forecourt of the building. Our ongoing engagement with Queen Victoria Women’s Centre has included the delivery of bathroom and kitchen refurbishments that provided compliance upgrade and a contemporary refurbishment of the spaces.

We have been involved in the preparation of a business case for Queen Victoria Women’s Centre – specifically focussed on the building itself, its ongoing conservation, opportunities for adaptive reuse / development / refurbishment to assist with commercial viability of the building and its upkeep. In 2022, we prepared a brief Conditions Assessment and Recommendations Report that was focussed on urgent maintenance works and provided a list of conservation and maintenance works that should be completed in defined timeframes and will be used to allocate and manage budgets for such works.

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