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Conservation Studio

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Architecture & Conservation


Conservation Studio subscribes to the conservation of buildings to ensure that heritage values are retained, maintained and enhanced as our fundamental principles. 

Our skillset is focused on the preservation, conservation and restoration of existing heritage fabric, whilst recognising the need for contemporary use of the heritage building. This may include addressing the compliance, accessibility, maintenance and presentation. 

Our technical knowledge of materials and traditional building techniques combined when appropriate with contemporary technology are the primary skillset utilized in the undertaking of conservation and adaptive reuse projects.

We provide diagnostic and conditions assessment services that incorporate design, paint sample analysis, documentation, tendering and construction services for projects of varying scale and complexity. Our past experience includes the undertaking of projects for institutional, commercial, government and private clients.  

Strategy Planning & Feasibility


Conservation Studio understands the complexity and sensitivity of heritage sites and may assist clients in achieving master, feasibility and strategic planning. 

Starting with the fundamentals of planning will assist in the management of the project from start to finish. It is essential that the correct decisions are strategised from the outset to establish a successful project moving forward.

We provide a range of services related to master, feasibility and strategic planning, including conditions assessment reports, works and maintenance strategic plans and programmes, feasibility studies for upgrade and adaptive reuse, Conservation Management Plans (CMP) and other associated documents that assist in planning your project. 

Heritage Advice & Planning


Conservation Studio provides a range of services for heritage advice and heritage planning approvals, including permit applications, permit exemptions and general liaison and coordination of permit approvals and processes. It includes the preparation of Heritage Impact Statements (HIS), Heritage Infrastructure Management Plans (HIMP), Heritage Asset Management Plans (HAMP).

Conservation Studio supports the conservation and reuse of existing buildings as a primary sustainability approach, and seeks through the heritage approvals process to deliver a considered conservation outcome for heritage structures.